Weirich Welding Plus, LLC is a family owned and operated business committed and responsive to our customers, our families, and our employees. We provide a high standard of craftsmanship, using our cost-effective welding fabrications, without compromising quality. We value building partnerships, while earning the respect of our consumers, as we meet their needs and special requests through a cooperative attitude, hard work, and honesty.

Our History

Weirich Welding Plus began welding operations in 1991 as a small agriculture welding repair shop outside of Lewis Iowa.

Over the next couple decades, the business grew and expanded well beyond the original vision of ag repair and into the high standard craftsmanship of pipe fencing, concrete bunks, custom fabrication, and PowerLift Hydraulic Doors. This progress and evolution required the business to move to a much larger piece of land and build a new building to house all each business segment adequately and efficiently, while providing high quality service.

Weirich Welding Plus, LLC is a successful fabrication manufacturer and like many rural businesses, grew and operates with the assistance of dedicated, knowledgeable employees with a strong, honest work ethic.

Our facility

Our 14,400 square foot fabrication shop will accommodate just about any welding & fabrication job.

Welders and fabricators specialize in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

On hand, there is a large amount of steel inventory available for purchase.

Service trucks and portable welders accommodate specific welding repair needs.

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With current plans of expansion, Weirich Welding Plus aims to accomodate larger demand and production.


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