Mission Statement: “Weirich Welding Plus, LLC, is a family owned and operated business committed and responsive to our customer’s, our families, and our employees. We provide a high standard of craftsmanship, using cost effective welding fabrications, without compromising quality. We value building partnerships, while earning the respect of our consumers, as we meet their needs and special requests through a cooperative attitude, hard work, and honesty.”

Weirich Welding Plus is a small welding and fabrication business created by Duane Weirich. Duane was a senior in high school in 1979 when his family suffered a farm tragedy; consequently Duane resolutely continued the family farm operations, raising row crops and hogs. In 1983, he willfully expanded the farm operations to include hauling feed.

In addition to operating his family farm, Duane’s insatiable desire to increase his knowledge energized him to work for Schuler Manufacturing during the next three years. His tireless efforts gave him the skills necessary to begin welding full-time in 1991. Soon, he added farm repairs, pipe fencing, and concrete pads to his business line. In 1999, he also expanded the business by making slip-form bunks for cattle feeding operations.

After 16 years of working from his home property, Weirich Welding had grown to the point of needing a much larger facility. In 2007, Lewis Iowa committee officials generously gave Duane three acres of land to build a new welding and fabrication building. Duane invested his own hard earned money and built a new welding shop on the edge of Lewis Iowa, cutting the ribbon in 2008.